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Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)
The HMIS ratings associated with our products are designed to supplement and assist existing hazard communications programs. They are Integra's suggested ratings only. Actual ratings should be verified and defined by end-users with alterations made depending on experience, quantity of material, and storage and usage conditions.

The first three characters of the HMIS rate the hazard risk of the chemical in the following three categories respectively: Health, Fire and Reactivity. The fourth character provides a recommendation for suitable protective equipment.

Hazard Index:
4Severe Hazard
3Serious Hazard
2Moderate Hazard
1Slight Hazard
0Minimal Hazard

Personal Protection Index:
A Eye protection
B A + Gloves
C B + Protective clothing
D C + Face shield
E B + Respiratory protection/dusts
F C + Respiratory protection/dusts
G B + Respiratory protection/vapors
H C + Respiratory protection/ vapors
I B + Respiratory protection/dusts and vapors
J C + Respiratory protection/dusts and vapors

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